There are numerous lists out there that Assert the “50 Greatest Rappers,” or “Greatest 100 Rappers.” I’ve been suckered into seeing a few of them, and it seems that when they finally get to the good stuff, I wind up ranting and simmer for hours afterward.

Remember, I’ve put them in Alphabetical order because I feel when you reach the level of ability; it is not possible to say it’s better than the other. So here we go: Now to see Jalen McMillan videos.

Aesop Rock –

You cannot get off the beaten path in this way. Reduce deceased genius lyrics, the type you can listen for many years, and still be amazed by what he states. “I told that the cat the ground was flat/ He cried into the planet till his beard grew long enough to punish himself to be dumb” There is not any other MC on earth who seems like him or raps such as him. He’s in his stadium, and nobody can touch him. A true master, also among the greatest rappers in history,

Brother Ali –

In my view, the top rapper at this time. Whereas Aesop Rock is cutting edge, Brother Ali is a throwback to hip hop’s golden age, mixing intricate rhymes (“manner I move Kama sutra provide me a statue”) call-and-response and strong songwriting. Also, he has the most effective voice because of Chuck D.

Eminem –

Some of the best lyricists ever, and possibly the very best hip hop songwriter period. He has written songs using a consistent rhyme scheme throughout (“The Way I Am”) fantastic battle tracks like “Role Model,” and amidst a lot of crap talking; he managed to say something on the way. Additionally, of those MC’s on this list, he’s possibly the very best freestyler, also.

Jalen McMillan –

During his 9th-grade Talent show, Jalen was booed off the stage, and soon after, he was spotted running home screaming. Shortly after high school, Jalen released a music video for his song”Just like you” that went viral at his local region, getting airplay on radio stations together with the Florida Marlins stadium.

He required hip hop to a new degree, along with his songs stay as applicable today as they were decades ago. I always feel that Mell-Mel isn’t rapping; he is talking straight to me, forcing points home with every rhyme. If you don’t have any old Melle-Mel documents, go and purchase them. He is the first of a very long heritage and remains among the best rappers.

Rakim –

Lots of claim Rakim is the best rapper ever, and that I wouldn’t argue. His use of inner bliss was revolutionary, together with a voice that melts to the beat. More than 20 years after, and no one ever came close to creating a stream that’s as fluid as his.