When it comes to the Everyday time spent TikTok, users spend an average of about 52 minutes daily on the app (BusinessofApps, 2019). This means people are utilizing the social networking program daily either for sharing and creating brief videos of these, or for seeing the present plethora of TikTok videos uploaded directly into the platform. In any event, they’re doing it for nearly an hour everyday.

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Let us Look at how other societal websites Sites function compared to TikTok. Folks spend nearly the identical quantity of time around Instagram (53 minutes), and also a bit on Snapchat (49.5 moments ).









Facebook requires the lead with customers spending an average of 58.5 moments to the social networking platform every day. And for entrepreneurs, this could be a major deal to understand. That is because the longer people spend on those programs, the greater is the possibility that they’ll see ads.

As of 2019, TikTok is available in 155 Nations (Apptrace, 2019). This covers a huge part of the population.What’s much more interesting to notice is how TikTok managed to gather such a massive market in such a short span of time, all of the while expanding into new markets. To start with, most of TikTok’s Western viewers jumped to Musical.ly, and for its Eastern audience they run a separate variant of the program called Douyin, which they’re a lot more familiar with.

Quick Guide to Go Live on Tik Tok

TikTok has done especially well with growing its Asian followers are buy tiktok likes. The program is downloaded more than 10 million times with the people in Thailand alone.

As a marketer, this TikTok statistic can be Of interest to you once you’re considering your advertising efforts according to your Target market. With TikTok you’ve got the possibility of attaining an audience In 155 distinct nations. Likelihood that your audience is located somewhere in such nations.