The Palo emerged in Congo. Then it originated other religions, such as Palo Mayombe, Kimbisa between other doctrines. As soon as the slaves had been shot to Cuba, Dominican Republic, United States and Puerto Rico, naturally its own chants, culture and religions went to that area together, Assessing the dissemination and, thus, formation changes and adaptations of the Palo faith.

In certain Palo homes, there are catholic Exotic characters and crosses symbolizing the notion of the faithful. This denounces the power of activity of religious syncretism through the slave period.








But is important to emphasize: at the time, duo into European anxiety, some African countries announced themselves Christians, giving up the practice of their first religiosity. The religousyncrestism also was caused by this actuality.

The Conga Principle

Or”La Regla Conga” really are a conference about Somes criteria that have to be followed. The principle signifies its energy and the might of this character, whose components, like flora and sea are all animated for spirits. Also is considered the basis of the belief that the existence of Nganga. Have Mastery over the Nganga and its use without discrimination represents the high-level in hierarch of the person.

Another point memorable is that the sacred Symbols used to identify the deities presented in the ritual. Once the symbols are attracted, the faithfull consider that supernatural phenomena are recorded and they are liable for the satisfaction of this covenant.

The spiritual expression Palo Mayombe is the heart of the African narrative and their natives and immigrants, and it must be forgotten. In case you have a curiosity about Mayombe, feel free to seek individuals the have expertise or amazing information to pass you around about Palo Mayombe.

When you’re a newcomer in Palo Mayombe, the Spirits can help you with the charms, but it is not good enough. It is necessary to be together with the mind focused and clean so that there aren’t Interferences within this moment.