Besides patenting and copyright you can also buy art work from renowned artists that can assure you a profit if you ever sell their work. So you have to keep your eyes open for something new. In fact investing in something in old is also not a bad idea. For example if you have an eye for antiques then antique too serve as good long term assets. You might have seen Pawn stars on the television. So you know what kind of money is there in antiques and collectibles.

No matter how careful you are there will be times when even despite your thorough planning the long term assets might depreciate. So keep your eyes and ears open so that you know when the time is feasible to liquidate the assets before depreciation sets in.

Current assets are assets that are easily liquefied. In short it is ready cash in hand in case of emergency. However current assets do not contribute to long term gains. It is always advisable to segregate your income in both current and long term assets.

Lifelong savings, property, land, bonds and stocks come in handy especially post retirement. They usually guarantee a comfortable life where you are not dependent on anyone for money. In order to invest in long term assets it’s always advisable to start as early as possible. It can be even done from your first job. How? Save bit by bit and once you have a sizable amount invest it in property. Keep honing your skills so that you can diversify your income as well.

In conclusion long term assets are always a good back up plan be it for individuals, business men or corporate. Since they can be liquefied after a period of time, they usually result in profit due to its long tenure.